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We know people find legal issues stressful and worrying.

  • What will the outcome be?
  • What process is involved?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?

Our clients get peace of mind because we give by them detailed advice about all these concerns.

What will the outcome be?

We tell our clients what outcomes can be realistically expected. In some cases we can tell our clients with certainty what the outcome will be. In other cases there is a range of possible outcomes. We tell our  clients what those outcomes might be, why those outcomes are likely and what things will influence the outcome at the end of the day. We continually review and update that advice as our clients case progresses.

What process is involved?

Legal processes are complicated and can be confusing to most people. We explain to our clients the legal process for their matter and what is involved each step of the way. Sometimes the process is very straight forward. Other times the process is far more complicated.

For example making a new Will, although involving complex issues, is usually a fairly straight forward legal process.  Suing someone for damages is a much more complicated process.

No matter what type of legal issues our clients have we ensure they understand the process involved every step of the way.

How long will it take?

Some legal issues can be resolved quickly. Others take a long time, in some cases years.  Our clients are told at the outset how long it might take to finalise their matter. Our clients also know that we do everything in our power to progress their matter as quickly as possible.  We also keep our clients informed about timeframes as their matter progresses.

How much will it cost?

Our clients are told upfront how much we charge and what their fees might be. In some cases we give our clients a fixed fee so they know precisely what fees will be. If we can’t do that then we tell our clients the range of fees they might incur. We also tell our clients what things might effect that range of fees.

Importantly we tell our clients what they can do to help keep their fees down. We also keep our clients informed about fees as their matter progresses. We believe in giving our clients cost effective advice and assistance.

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